Colin Atterson

Colin Atterson

Executive General Manager

Colin has been working in restaurants since the age of 15, with stints in the kitchen, support and in the front of house over the past 25 years.  That tenure has been a variety of concepts that range for volume dining, independent ventures to upscale establishments featuring ultra-fresh seafood and or prime steakhouse fare.  Colin is excited to embrace our vision with his leadership of a decade plus of fine-dining general manager experience.

With extensive experience of food and beverage at the likes of Dunaway’s, The Oceanaire, Mesh on Mass Ave, Late Harvest Kitchen and Eddie Merlot’s, Colin’s maturation in the industry has been rounded with great people he has learned from or alongside to establish a standard focusing on hospitality and hard work.  As a wine and spirits buyer for 15 years, Colin has followed trends and traditions alike in spirits and is sommelier trained that leads our teams’ portfolio to showcase how important beverage pairs with food.  He has spent his research and education time in classrooms, books, winery and distillery ventures to establish a zeal for all things’ beverage.  Colin has traveled the country experiencing highly acclaimed establishments to grow and evolve his vision of a beverage program and standard of service.  With an eye for service details and a passion for hospitality we will lean on Colin’s leadership to expose our staff to a strong work ethic, education, and pride in the work place to be the best for the community and our guests.

Colin attended Indiana University and has lived in Indianapolis for a vast majority of his life.  He has three boys of his own that Colin will tell you are the only thing that will keep his attention from his local sports teams and his love for food and wine.  With his true positive influences on our staff and customer engagement we see that dedicated leadership is key to our company’s future.  As Executive General Manager he will stand behind our vision to be a dining destination for upscale dining at the Chophouse and fun everyday outings at 3UP. When you blend all of Colin’s experiences and views on service and standards along with his passion to be the best in the industry, it perfectly fits our goal.